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Beard and Hair Growth Kit Enhanced

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Lotion - apply 2 times daily (morning and evening, with a break of at least 8 hours). Apply using a spray nozzle (6-8 presses) per session. You can also apply with a pipette - 1 ml per session, together - 2 ml per day. *Shake before use. It should be applied to dry, clean skin in the area of ​​beard or hair growth. Bring the spray dispenser or pipette as close as possible to the skin of the beard or head. It is necessary to apply it to the skin, not to the hair. If you apply minoxidil to the hair, then minoxidil will dry it, and there will be no effect. The lotion cannot be washed off. Please wait for it to dry and absorb into the skin. Vitamins - take 1 tablet per day during meals

Hair and Beard Growth Vitamins (Men’s)

1 tablet per day during meals. Stimulates hair growth in the dark area of the head.