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Dermaroller (Gadget for Hair and Beard Stimulation)

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Before using the roller, it must be disinfected with alcohol. This is done to kill any germs on the tips of the needles. And this should be done before each use. Apply MinoX Hair/Beard Growth Lotion to your skin. Perform rolling (massage) movements with a roller in different directions of the scalp or beard. Pins made of medical steel, pin length - 1.5 mm, number of pins - 540 pieces.  

Scrub Shampoo for Cleansing Scalp and Beard

Apply to damp scalp or beard for 3-5 minutes, massage, and rinse. Recommended course: it is recommended to do such procedures no more than three times a week. The speed of appearance of the result depends on individual characteristics.

Two-Phase Conditioner-Thermoprotectant – 200ml

Suitable for application on both wet and dry hair. On previously washed (clean) hair, apply 2-3 pressures on the dispenser along the entire length, if necessary, comb the hair. The solution does not need to be washed off.